Anglais/Compréhension orale/Quiz/Lewis Carroll

Listen to the recorded text. It talks about Lewis Carroll, the famous writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll
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Leçon : Compréhension orale

Quiz de niveau 10.

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En raison de limitations techniques, la typographie souhaitable du titre, « Quiz : Lewis Carroll
Anglais/Compréhension orale/Quiz/Lewis Carroll
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Ceci est un exercice de compréhension orale.

Listen at least twice the text and answer the questions (you can listen to the text and answer the questions at the same time):


1 Where was Lewis Carroll born?

Great Britain

2 How many sisters and brothers did Lewis Carroll have ? (type the number in letters)

3 What sort of prizes did he win?


4 What was his job?


5 At which age did he arrive at Oxford? (in letters)

6 Fill in the information :
Real name :

7 Date of birth:

8 Place he was born

9 First name of his mother

10 Firstname of his father*