Préparation au CEP camerounais/Examen/Anglais 2009

Durée : 60 minutes ENGLISH

Certificat d'études primaires
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Cours : Préparation au CEP camerounais
Date : 2009
Lieu : Cameroun
Épreuve : Anglais
Durée : 60 minutes

Examen de niveau 6.

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Préparation au CEP camerounais/Examen/Anglais 2009
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Reading Comprehension(20 marks) modifier

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions below. The Feast of the Ram

Ibrahim did not go to school last Wednesday. It was the feast of the Ram and a public holiday. Ibrahim went earty to the prayer ground with his father. They sat on mats and Iistened to the Imam. After prayers there was a party in Ibrahim’s home. His parents killed the fattest ram in the village . There was much food. Ibrahim invited his friends to his home They were Lobe, Ndongo and Ramatou. They ate some mutton and drank Fanta. Ibrahim’s friends were very happy. They said :‘Thank you, Ibrahim. We are going to invite you to our homes at Christmas.’

Questions modifier

Check the correct answer


Who dîd not go to school Iast Wednesday?

Ibrahim’s father did not go to school.
Ibrahim did not go to school.
We did not go to school.
The Imam did not go to school.

1. Why did Ibrahim not go to school last Wednesday?

a) It was a public holiday.

b) He went to the prayer ground.

c) He did not go to school on Wednesdays

d) He was a bad boy


Grammar (10 marks) modifier

(i) Complete: with the correct words Example: Irene (is, was) first in her class last term.

Irene was first in her class last term.

1. The teacher ..(writes, write) on the blackboard everyday.

2. My father and mother.. (is, are) In Bertoua.

3. Aissatou.. (see, saw) Ondoua yesterday.

4. Tatiana’s book is.. (at, on) the desk.

5. I am sitting.. (next, behind) to Fokam.

6. There are many pupils.. (into, in) our class.

7. Christopher forgot.. (his, her) pen at home.

8. (She, You) is reading a book.

9... (What, Which) time is it?

10. (Who, What) is your headmasters name?

B. Vocabulary (10 mrks) (i) Read and match

Example: cat vegetable beans animals

family town
water drink
Douala mango
play uncle
fruit football

(ii) Circle the odd one out

Example: kitchen,ruler , knife, plate

6. father, sister, woman, brother

7. Laugh, sad, happy, smile

8. pen, pencil, door, book

9. dog , cat, goat, fly

10. eyes, mouth, leg, nose

duration: 20 minutes ENGLISH

Dictation (10 marks) modifier

1. My............ has a.......... farm.

2. I.......... to school.......... day.

3. John and........ are........ brothers.

4............. live ......the post office

5..... is Abouem‘s ...........colour.

DURATION : 30 minutes


Grammar (10 marks) modifier

Camplete the sentences with the correct words

Example: Dora’s brother (don’t,doesn’t) like fruits. Dora’s brother doesn’t like fruits.

1. Keep quiet, children (mustn’t,can’t) make noise in class.

2. Do you know (when, what) Ndeh goes to school?

3. The pupils listened (at, to) their teacher atentively.

4. Ndongmo (does, did) his homework last night.

5. A lion is ___ (strong, stronger) than a sheep.

6. Our baby likes (play, playing) in the dust.

7. Talla’s grandmother (works, working) hard on her Farm.

8. Mme Bouba travels (in, by) traln when she to Garoua.

9. Mark gets up at six o’c|ock (to, in) the morning.

10.Are (you, he) a boy?

Vocabulary(10 marks) modifier

(i) Tick the correct answer

Example: I want to drink water because I am

a) hungry



B. Vocabulary (10 mrks) (i) Read and match

Example: cat vegetable beans animals


1 I cross a river

on foot
by car
by boat

2 we grow millet


3 We fetch water with a


(iii) Match words in list A to those in list B Example:

Clothes football
game socks
animal pot
school father
fruit book
kitchen orange
family dog


underline the word that is out of place


9. cup, spoon, fork, hat

10. boy, girl, uncle, father FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE


1. Read the following five (5) sentences aloud and clearly. Pay particular attention to punctuation and the underlined words.

2. Read each sentence twice and give the candidates enough time to write the missing words.

3. Read through the sentences again

4. Give the candidates three (3) minutes to read over. Then collect the scripts. Dictation

1.My mother has a big farm.

2.l go to school everyday.

3.John and james are two brothers

4.Theylive near the post office.

4.Green is Abouem'sbestcolour.