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[[meta:Wikimedia_France|Wikimédia France]] would like to launch an international award for research in 2012, to reward research work that advanceadvances or improve commonimproves knowledge of Wikimedia projects.
<center>''Work in progress, feel free to comment and give ideas on [[Discussion Recherche:Prix Wikimédia France de la recherche/en|talk page]]''</center>
*[http://wikimania2012.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikimania 2012]
*The announcement of the shortlisted papers would be at Wikimania 2012 with online award in octoberOctober 2012.
===Scientific papers eligibility===
*vote for the selection of shortlisted papers (total papers submission : 15) ;
*make avalaible their choice to the community ;
*vote for the winner (accounts for 50% of the final vote).
===Wikimedia community’s roles===
*can submit scientific papers to the jury, according to eligibility criterias ;
*vote for the winner (accounts for 50% of the final vote).
== Questions open for discussion ==